Adobe Flex Online Training

Adobe Flex, is a software development kit (SDK) for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Browse through the contents of the program.

Adobe Flex Course Contents
Introducing the Adobe Flash Platform
Understanding Adobe Flex development technologies
Understanding Flex application deployment
Exploring the Flash Builder interface
Creating a Flex project
Understanding Adobe Flex namespaces
Understanding Flex components
Laying out and styling with Flash Builder
Compiling and running an application
Creating custom components
Accessing and using structured data within a custom component
Introducing data binding
Updating visual controls using dynamic data
Introducing OOP terminology
Understanding MXML classes
Creating a class property
Writing a class definition in ActionScript
Creating instances of an ActionScript class
Creating class methods
Introducing visual components
Introducing Spark layout classes
Introducing the Spark container classes
Using constraints to control component layout
Adding scrollbars to containers
Understanding events
Implementing event handlers
Creating ActionScript event handler functions
Understanding the event object
Understanding event bubbling
Adding event listeners with ActionScript
Using the Form container
Using formatters
Validating form data
Triggering validation with events
Triggering validation with ActionScript
Understanding MX navigator containers
Using the ViewStack container
Using a Spark container inside MX navigator containers
Creating custom navigation for the ViewStack container
Using the TabNavigator container
Using the Accordion container
Understanding view states
Controlling view states
Applying effects to components
Creating composite effects
Applying transitions to application state changes
Adding and removing components during animations
Creating global application styles in Adobe Flex
Defining styles and skins for components
Introducing Advanced CSS selectors
Introducing skinning
Incorporating visual elements drawn in other programs
Changing the default display of skin parts
Implementing different visual states for a skin
Accessing custom component properties from a skin
Adding scrollbars to skins
Using HTTP Service to load remote data
Handling returned data and faults
Making HTTP requests with parameters
Using the wizards in Adobe Flex
Understanding the need for a typed data model
Creating an ActionScript class for typed data
Populating an ArrayCollection with value objects
Understanding data bindings with value objects
Refactoring value objects
Understanding the problem with bindings
Defining the event type
Handling the event in the main application
Extending the Event class
Using the extended event class
Dispatching a value object with the extended event
Overriding the clone method
Displaying string data in an item renderer
Passing UI components in the data provider
Creating a custom item renderer
Using the SkinnableDataContainer
Using the DataGrid control
Specifying DataGrid control columns
Formatting DataGrid control columns
Using item renderers and item editors
Inline item renderers and item editors
Item renderer and item editor components
Using events and selected items with a DataGrid component
Compiling the Flex application
Creating a Flex application production build
Creating a desktop application
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