C++ Online Training

is a general-purpose programming language. It has imperative, object-oriented and generic programming features, while also providing the facilities for low-level memory manipulation. Browse through the contents of the program.

C++ Course Contents
Some Remarks about Programming
The Origins of C++
The C++ Programming Environment in UNIX
An Example C++ Program
Very Simple Input, Output and Assignment
Simple Flow of Control
Preliminary Remarks about Program Style
Data Types
Real numbers
Type Casting
User Defined Data Types
Some Tips on Formatting Real Number Output
Declarations, Constants and Enumerations
Where to put Constant and Variable Declarations
Assignments and Expressions
Shorthand Arithmetic Assignment Statements
Boolean Expressions and Operators
The Need for Sub-programs
User-defined Functions
Value and Reference Parameters
Functions which use Value Parameters are Safe
Reference Parameters
Polymorphism and Overloading
Procedural Abstraction and Good Programming Style
Splitting Programs into Different Files
Files and Streams
Why Use Files?
Creating Streams
Connecting and Disconnecting Streams to Files
Checking for Failure with File Commands
Character Input and Output
Input using "get()"
Output using "put()"
The "putback()" Function
Checking for the End of an Input File
Streams as Arguments in Functions
Input and Output Using ">>" and "<<"
Branch and Loop Statements
Boolean Values, Expressions and Functions
"For", "While" and "Do ... While" Loops
Multiple Selection and Switch Statements
Blocks and Scoping
A Remark about Nested Loop Statements
Arrays and Strings
The Basic Idea and Notation
Declaring an array
Assignment Statements and Expressions with Array Elements
Arrays as Parameters in Functions
Sorting Arrays
Two-dimensional Arrays
String Variable Declarations and Assignments
Some Predefined String Functions
String Input using "getline()"
Introducing Pointers
Declaring Pointers
Assignments with Pointers Using the Operators "*" and "&"
The "new" and "delete" operators, and the constant "NULL"
Array Variables and Pointer Arithmetic
Dynamic Arrays
Automatic and Dynamic Variables
Linked Lists
The "." and "->" Operators
Creating a Linked List
Printing a Linked List
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