Microstrategy Online Training

MicroStrategy is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application software which supports interactive dashboards, reports, queries and alerts. Browse through the contents of the program.

Microstrategy Course Content
What is BI and why BI need?
Data flow architecture
BI technology stack description
Reporting need in business (Model description)
Business owner queries
Why BI system requires
Comparison of OLTP v/s OLAP
BI query example
BI platform (information delivery)
BI platform in BI technology stack
BI information delivery
BI market leader in 2014
Dimension hierarchy
Product dimension hierarchy
MD model implementation
Difference between MOPAL and ROLAP
OLAP analysis techniques
Report type – list matrix                
Micro Strategy Software installation
OLAP analysis technique operation in a report format
Description of report types: list and matrix
Investment cube before slicing
Dicing and Pivoting
Drillup and Drilldown
Rollup and its description using the exp. Of investment ($) diagram
Aggregation of sales data
Drilling in hierarchal view
Micro strategy BI
Micro strategy user interface
Intelligence server
Intelligence server extension
Micro strategy desktop
Desktop version
Types of desktop version
Micro Strategy Architecture
Micro Strategy tutorial
Tutorial data model
Customer hierarchy
Geography hierarchy
Micro Strategy Analytical module and its categories
Micro Strategy Tutorial and its sub categories
Differences between report and documents
Micro Strategy Objects
Schema object and its types
Application object and its type
Configuration object and its type
Tutorial: Starting Desktop, Running Tutorial sample reports, Navigation, Menus.
MicroStrategy Web High Level Introduction and running sample reports. MicroStrategy Office introduction and running reports.
MicroStrategy Desktop Details: Report Editor, Template Editor, Filter Editor, Report display views, Report cache.
Desktop Tutorial: Create, Save, Modify, Run Grid reports based on Tutorial project.
Creation of filter in filter editor
Creating a report of filter
Shortcut of creating a report of filter
View filter
Report filter
Simple metric
Compound metric
Metric formatting
Difference between simple metric and compound metric
Prompts Optional
Prompts & search in microstrategy
Prompts advantages
Prompts types
Filter definition prompts
Filter definition prompts sub type explanation
Prompts report description
Object prompts
Creating of object forms
Creating of object report
Intellegence Server
Intelligence server extension
Micro strategy olap services
Olap with report object
Report object & template object
Simple metric
Compound metric
Derived metric
Difference between simple metric and compound metric
Derived report of document
Creating the link of HTML to Dashboard
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