Oracle Apps Online Training

Oracle Apps Consists of a collection of ERP, CRM and SCM applications. Browse through the contents of the program.

Oracle APPs Online Training
Definition of ERP
Overview of popular ERP’S
Comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERP’S
AIM documentation standards
Oracle Application Architecture.
Database structure of OA
Using TOAD
Functional Consultant and Roles
Technical Consultant and Roles
Techno-Functional Consultant and Roles
Oracle Application DBA and Roles
System Administration and Application Object Library (AOL)
Defining an Applications User and Assigning the Responsibilities.
Understanding AOL and its Components
WHO columns
Creating Responsibilities
Request group creation
Menu Creation
Defining concurrent program
Concurrent programs with parameters
Working with multiple concurrent programs
Concurrent Program incompatibilities
Creating Request Set
Default Types
Value sets
Report registration
Registration of a Table
Using AD_DD Package to register Database Component in AOL
Introduction to Interfaces
Difference Between Interfaces and Conversions
Outbound Interfaces
o Using UTL_FILE package
Inbound Interfaces
o Using SQL * Loader tool
SQL * Loader Concepts o Data File.
o Control File.
o Bad File.
o Discard File.
o Log File.
Working with staging table script
Developing validations package
Standards to be followed in conversions
Using oracle API’s in Interfaces and Conversions
Interface Tables and Error Tables
Overview of flex fields
Types of Flex Fields
o Descriptive Flex Fields
o Key Flex Fields
Step in creation of DFF
Flex fields tables and relations
Overview of profile options
Different levels in Setting profiles
Steps in setting a profile option
Some important profile options
Some important API’s of profiles
Overview of value sets
Options in value sets
Types of value sets
Creation of value set
Overview of value set tables
Usage of $FLEX and $PROFILE
What is Multi Org and why we need.
Multi Org Tables.
Multi Org Viiews.
Overview of Procure to Pay Flow (P2P Cycle)
Overview of Order to Cash Flow (O2C Cycle)
Major setups and transactions
Overview of important tables in PO,INV,OM,AP,AP,GL
Introduction and Usage of USER_EXITS.
Developing a Report from scratch as per Client Requirement.
Developing a Report based on MD 50 Document.
Customization of Oracle Standard Reports.
Reports Registration Steps in Oracle Applications
Standards to develop a report in Oracle Apps
New Form Development Process
Form Registration in Oracle Applications.
Calling one Form to another Form by using Button
Master-Detailed Forms
Form Personalization in Oracle Applications
Form Personalization v/s Form Customization
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