Qlikview Online Training

QlikView is the most flexible Business Intelligence platform for turning data into knowledge. Browse through the contents of the program.

QlikView Course Contents
Introduction to QlikView Overview
Patented In-Memory Associative Technology- What, How and The Power of simplicity
Representing Qlikview Solutions by Function
Architecture Overview- Diff b/w server and publisher
Qlikview Platform Overview
Products Overview-Qlikview Developer, Server and Publisher
What can you do with Qlikview? The sum of Five Capabilities which make Qlikview Unique.
3 Kinds of Roles-Qlikview and the IT Pro, Qlikview and the Business Analyst/BI Developer, Qlikview and the Business User
Benefits of using Qlikview
Describe Table-Fields, Name
QVD File-Qlikview Data File
How to create qvd file-By only Qlikview Desktop
File Wizard: Options
File Wizard: Transforms
QVD only 90 MB, compress 90%, take GB of Data
Color in Qlikview and their relation to data Green-selected data, Gray-Non Associated, White-Associated. Power of Associativity
How Qlikview works
load qvd file
Internal Table View
object-insert and object properties in dashboard
new search object
associated data, non-associated data
clear the selection-automatically and manually both type
sort data in list box properties
document properties
create bar chart-in chart y axes-expression axes, x axes-dimension axes, chart properties
Group- 2 types-Drill Down, Cyclic
Graph-Chart Properties
Setting-Variable overview-add variable
Input box properties
load data from access database
connections-2 types-ODBC, OLEDB
use QlikView as reporting tool
create select statement
Add data from CSV and Excel
File Wizard: Transform – Basic Transformation in Qlikview
Fill Condition
Specify Row Condition
Unwrap Function
Rotate Function
Difference b/w Transpose and Left
Internal Table View
Dashboard Background-3 Regions
Chart Properties
List Box Properties
Sheet Properties
Objects-Current Selection Box, New Statistics Box, New Button Object
Connection String
Select Statement: Create select statement
Problem Discussion
Fact Table-Explain
Load Statement
Dashboard created based on 3 principles-DAR
Sheet Properties
Linked Objects
Object-Text Object-New Text Object-Text Object Properties
Market Share
Report-Report Editor, Report Setting
Different types of Chart-Radar Chart, Maco Chart, Grid Chart, Funnel Chart
Match Function
Load-Aircraft Group, Aircraft Type
Editing in Script
Table-Aircraft Group Table, Aircraft Type Table
Access types
Section types
Section Access Script
Different Ways to declare variable
Period Field
Create Aggregated Table
Transaction Table
Explain Table-Internal Match
How to load a cross table
Explain-Internal Table View
Load Inline Function: Inline Data Wizard
Explain Dimension, Metrics, Pivot Table
Use of temporary tables
Creation of new reports for users.
Explain flight type field.
Use of excluded values.
Discussion & Problem Solve
QMC-Qlikview Management Console
Qlikview Server
Document Distribution
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