QTP Online Training

QuickTest Professional (QTP), provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. Browse through the contents of the program.

QTP Course Contents
Introduction to Automation Testing
Record and Playback
Working with test object and object Repositories
Object Introduction
How objects are added in to OR
Object Repository modes
Identify the Objects
Pre Action V Shared object repository
Viewing the object properties
Object SPY
OI Introduction
User Defined Objects
Smart Identification
Managing Object Repositories
Merging Object Repositories
What is Synchronization
Synchronization Methods
Adding Wait Property Method
Adding Wait Method
Adding Exit Method
Adding Sync Method
Adding Synchronization Setting
Browser VS Page Sync
Web Event Recording Configuration
Adding Checkpoint While recording
Standard Checkpoint
Text Checkpoint
Test are Checkpoint
Bitmap Checkpoint
Database Checkpoint
Accessibility Checkpoint
XML from resource Checkpoint
XML from Application Checkpoint
Page Checkpoint
Table Checkpoint
Image Checkpoint
Updating Checkpoints At run time
Dictionary object
Use of Dictionary object
Working with global and action sheets
Editing and saving Data Tables
Data Table Methods
Importing and Exporting Data to/from spread shee
Data Types
Declaring Variable
Variable Naming Restrictions
Scope and Life Time of Variable
VB Script Constants
Arrays In VB Script
Dynamic Arrays
VB Script Operators
Types Of Operators
Conditional Constant
Types Of Loops
User – Defined Functions
Loading External Functions
Registering Functions
User – Defined Functions
Function Module
Loading External Functions
Registering Function
Database Checkpoint
Database Output Value
Database Connectivity
Recovery Scenario Manager
Err Object
Customized Error Handling
On Error Statement
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