Ruby on Rails Online Training

Ruby on Rails is an open source full-stack web application framework written in Ruby. Browse through the contents of the program.

Ruby Course Contents
Creating A Rails App
Modelling Domains
Creating Models
More On Creating Models - Finishing The Migrations
The Rails Console
Many-To-Many Associations
Many-To-Many Associations - Testing Via The Console
Rails Console - Adding Data
Migrations - Changing A Field
Fixtures - Exercise Review
AR Query Interface
Validations - Exercise Review
Action Controller Overview
Routing And The Params Hash
Getting Values From The Model In Controller Actions
Generating Controllers - Exercise Review
Adding To Our Controllers And Routes
Adding A Slug Route For Projects
Action View Overview
Setting The Global Layout
Adding A Nav - Using View Helpers
Asset Pipeline Overview - Adding Some Javascript
Styling The Global Template - Turbolinks
Layouts And Rendering - How Does Rails Choose A Template?
Looping Over Collections In Views
Adding A To_S Method To Models
Looping Over Collections - Exercise Review
Displaying Related Items In The Show View
Partials And Content_For
Partials For Re-Used Content
Partials For Re-Used Content - Exercise Review
Forms Overview
A Create Form For Companies
Form Helper Methods And Styling The Forms
A Create Form For Works
A Create Form For Projects - Exercise Review
Saving The New Object - The Create Action
The Create Action For Works
The Create Action For Projects - Exercise Review
Validation And Forms
Validation For Works
Validation For Projects - Exercise Review
Writing An Edit Form
An Edit Form For Works With Refactoring
Writing An Edit Form - Exercise Review
Forms And Ajax
Authentication Packages In Rails Filters
Installing Devise
Using Devise
Mailers Overview
Creating And Invoking A Mailer
Mailer - Exercise Review
Uploading Files To The Server
Files - Exercise Review
Exporting Content To CSV
CSV Exporting - Exercise Review
Testing Rails Apps
Using Fixtures
Writing Tests - Model Tests
Writing Tests - Controller Tests
Making Our App Better - Refactoring
Updating Associations For Maintainability
Extended Exercise
Tips On How To Tackle A Rails App You Inherited
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