SAP ABAP Online Training

SAP ABAP stands for SAP Advanced Business Application Programming. Its an object oriented programming for developing world class applications for SAP systems Browse through the contents of the program.

SAP ABAP Course Outline
QM and Company Business Processes
Quality Management Process Flow
Quality Management in the Logistics Supply Chain
QM Specific Master Data
Cross-Application Master Data
QM Basic Data
Test Equipment
Master Inspection Characteristic
Inspection Method
Work Center
Inspection Plans
Inspection Lots
Recording Inspection Results
Defects Recording
Inspection Lot Completion
Quality Notifications
Results and Defect Recording
Document Flow
Notification Items, Tasks, Activity
Reference Objects
QM Orders
Quality Notification
Quality Certificates
Integration of Procurement and Quality Management
Master Data in Procurement
Quality Inspection for Procured Goods
Stock Movement Following Inspection
Production Process
Master Data for QM in Production
Task List Set Up for QM in Production
Display Routing
Production Order and Inspection Lot
Record Inspection Results
Making a Usage Decision
Operations for Production Order
Set Production Order to Technically Complete
Standard Analyses: Quality Management Information System
Work Lists
Where-Used Lists
Basic Navigation
Logistics General
First Steps
Setting up Clients
Maintain Settings at Client Level
Establish Organizational Units (Plants, Sales Organization, etc.)
Maintain Settings at Plant Level
QM in Production; QM in Sales and Distribution
Master Data
Basic Data
Inspection Characteristic, Inspection Method
Inspection Planning
Engineering Work Bench
Inspection Lot Creation
Maintain Inspection Lot Origins and Assign Inspection Types
Inspection Lot Completion
Overview of Notification Type
Notification Creation
Notification Processing
Defects Recording
Information System
Using Notifications
Quality Control
Test Equipment Management
Quality Notification Information System
Data Basics
Flexible Analysis
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