SAP Basis Online Training

SAP BASIS stands for Business Application Software Integrated Solution. It can be considered as the administration of SAP. Browse through the contents of the program.

SAP BASIS Course Outline
Guide to Install SAP GUI aka FrontEnd
What is SAP Instance And SID
Learning Sap Architecture
What is Client ? How to Create a New Client in SAP
All About Client Copy – Local,Remote, Import/Export
How To Delete a Client
How to Create a User
How to Lock/Unlock a User
How to Limit Logon Attempts?
How to set Password Restrictions
Background Job Processing
How to Deschedule a background job
How to Monitor a Background Job
How to Delete a Background Job
Introduction to Transport Management System (TMS)
How to configure TMS (Transport Management System)
How to configure Transport Routes and Layers
What is Transport Request? How to Import/Export it & check logs?
Support Package & Stack Updates – Ultimate Guide
SAP Kernel Updates
SAP System Monitoring & Performance Checks
How to trace if an OSS Note is deployed in your landscape
Introduction to RFC (Remote Function Call)
How to Configure and Test RFC.
All About IDOC:Definition, Architecture, Implementation
What is SAP LSMW ?
LSMW Data Migration – Step by Step
SAP Basis Interview Question
SAP Basis Quiz
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