Shell Scripting Online Training

A shell script is a computer program designed to be run by the Unix shell, a command line interpreter. Browse through the contents of the program.

Shell Course Contents
Benefits of KornShell and Bash vs. other shells
Differences between bash, ksh88 and ksh93
Integrating scripts with external command-line tools
Commands and comments
Defining exit values
Applying if and case statements
Simplifying if logic with elif
Conditional looping with while and until
Listing for loops
Analyzing attributes
Checking file size and contents
Comparing strings
Verifying the existence of a string
Pattern matching and special characters
Redirecting standard error
set commands for debugging
Passing and accessing parameters
Manipulating parameters as groups
Defining environment and local variables
Specifying default values and error conditions
Creating and indexing arrays
Processing array contents with special variables
Extracting substrings
Determining string length
Arithmetic for and while loops
Writing mathematical expressions: (( )), $(( )) and let
Functions vs. scripts
Parameters and variables
Finding your library with PATH
Dot . and source commands
Scripting file and directory management
Unraveling the secrets of exec: opening and closing multiple files
Handling errors
Processing external events
Handling and sending signals: trap and kill
Connecting to a network server
Exchanging data with a network server
Checking and modifying environment variables
Using getopts to process command-line options
Accepting command-line arguments
Employing select to create a menu interface
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