Sybase Online Training

Learn Sybase Relational Database system. Browse through the contents of the program.

SYBASE Course Contents
Host versus Client/Server Systems
Sybase Introduction
SQL Server, Data Replication, and Open Architecture
System Management Tools and Servers
SQL Server Overview
SQL Server Functions
SQL Server Features
T-SQL and Database Integrity
Triggers, Partitions, and Security
Using isql and Performing Queries
Viewing, Managing, and Creating Tables
Maintaining Databases
The Role of a System Administrator
Using System Procedures
Creating and Dropping Database Devices
Creating and Altering Databases
Managing Segments
Managing Server Logins
Managing User Access and Aliases
Managing Groups
Assigning and Managing Roles
Granting Permissions
Revoking and Modifying Permissions
Using T-SQL and isql
Managing Tables
Defining Integrity Constraints
Creating Integrity Defaults and Rules
Using Views
Managing Indexes
Introduction to Queries
Using Functions in Queries
Manipulating Query Data
Ordering and Grouping Query Results
  Combining Queries and View Queries
Join Queries
Other Subquery Types
  Inserting Data
Deleting and Modifying Data
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